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Free Online Hands-on, Science Sampler Programme
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14 May 2018



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Science is being taught as in the 1970s, with chalk and talk. This rote learning makes science dull and boring for many, causing an aversion to science. This summer, let your child have fun with science; making toys, models and conducting experiments while learning key principles of science.

ThinkTac offers Experiential science programmes providing materials and resources to create, experiment, tinker, innovate and kinaesthetically learn science. Children are encouraged to explore beyond the present activity, with materials that can be found around the house, reinforcing the science while honing creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

ThinkTac is offering a FREE Sampler Programme to help your child experience hands-on science. Registrants are however, required to pay a shipping and handling fee of Rs. 90.

ONTACT provides the best of both worlds – learn from the comfort of your home with expert support when you need it. Visit the ONTACT page to learn more about our methodology. Here are a few features:

  1. The Sampler programme includes two TACtivities like DC Motor and Protein Test
  2. The materials with a guide will be shipped to the registered address
  3. A trained ThinkTac educator to deliver the programme
  4. Use live and recorded videos to engage students
  5. Allow students to ask questions and use photos / videos live to clarify
  6. Access video and other instructional material on the Web and on an App
  7. Interact, collaborate with the cohort and educator
  8. Showcase the learners work and seek clarifications
  9. The activities are chosen for the 6-18 age group and needs about 4-5 hours time to complete
  10. A virtual classroom session of 30 minutes is included in the programme

The online programme requires broadband internet connection for effective participation.

After engaging with the Sampler Programme, children may subscribe to the Summer Programme with 20 TACtivities for children in the III to VIII standards on ONTACT. The programmes will start on a given day and run for two weeks. The programme is accompanied by 5 hours of virtual classroom sessions that are equally spaced and conducted in a cohort of 5-10 children over 3-4 separate sessions. You can buy a ticket for the Summer Programme starting on 2-May and 17-May

To know more about the ONTACT Summer Programme, please visit https://thinktac.in/summer/ontact

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