Our Mission

Our mission is Making Experiential Science Learning
Accessible to All.

We create experience-based learning opportunities where science
can be learnt hands-on with interactive experiences that inspire

In the process we:



Relate science and maths to things that we encounter in our daily lives. Bring key concepts out of textbooks into the physical world by experiential activities



Help children experience the thrill of innovation - identify a problem, try a solution; if it fails, try something different till you succeed in solving the problem



Showcase innovations (especially grassroots Indian innovations in the areas of health, ecology, building sciences, agriculture, etc.)



Create an interest in pursuing science and create open minds; foster curiosity such that they challenge the norm and raise questions



Over 80% of all donations are applied to programme funding, traceable to individual teachers and students.



Establish a space where children can engage, explore and innovate such that the whole fabric of science learning can be revolutionised for one and all