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14 May 2018


9:30 pm - 1:00 pm




14-18 May, 9:30AM to 1PM at Purnapramati School, Girinagar

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Science is being taught as in the 1970s, with chalk and talk. This rote learning makes science dull and boring for many, causing an aversion to science.

Our mission is to empower every child to engage, enjoy and innovate with science as they learn. As part of our outreach, we are conducting workshops across Bangalore this summer. These workshops are designed to let your child have fun with science; making toys, models and conducting experiments while learning key principles of science.

ISPF and its partner ThinkTac offers Experiential science programmes providing materials and resources to create, experiment, tinker, innovate and kinaesthetically learn science. Children are encouraged to explore beyond the present activity, with materials that can be found around the house, reinforcing the science while honing creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The 5-day workshop is designed for children in the 8-15 age-group. We recommend that the child chooses the programme based on the class they have just completed in school. For example, a child who has finished her/his VI std and going to VII, should choose the VI std Lite option. This will then allow her/him to choose one of our VII std annual programmes once the academic year starts in June, if s/he so desires. For children 6-7, we recommend choosing either the III or IV std options. Those finishing VIII std and above may choose the VIII std option.

We provide all the materials to each child in a kit/tube, and these will be used over the course of the week/fortnight. Children may be expected to complete some of the TACtivities at home; online and printed guides will be available to all. Children will also be expected to bring some common waste materials from home – e.g. plastic bottles – for some of the TACtivities, and they will be informed of this the day prior to when it’s needed. Each workshop batch will have 2-3 of our facilitators present to instruct and assist the children present. Please note that each batch is likely to have children doing different TACtivities (based on their chosen package), and our facilitators will endeavour to make the process as smooth as possible for all, but a certain level of patience would be expected from the children as well as parents present. With the materials and guides, the activities have been curated such that most should be possible to conduct independently by children; we shall always be present to help and assist where necessary, but the focus will be on each child doing things themselves and learning along the way.

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