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Experiential Science, Teacher Training Programme
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02 May 2018


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Sir CV Raman’s House, Panchavati 8th Main, 15th Cross (near MES College) Malleshwaram

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Humans are curious by birth. Guiding questions, objective experimentation and persistence till we arrive at a convincing theory leads the curiosity to discoveries, inventions as well as a better understanding of the world around us, thereby making our life richer. ISPF & ThinkTac are on a mission to enrich the life of every child by making scientific temper a part of their character. The key step in this mission involves rekindling the scientific temper in every teacher/mentor. When equipped with the tools to make children think, a teacher can ignite and nurture the scientific temper inherent in children.

The TACLearn™ Teacher Training Programme has been designed by keeping the above objective in mind. It is designed as an immersive, hands-on, 24 hours programme spread across FOUR days. Since the focus of the programme is on the pedagogy instead of the content, it would be relevant for any science teacher working with children as young as seven. This also implies that the teachers need to be have a basic understanding of the sciences. The programme will be valuable for the teachers who are hungry to find new and innovative ways of making science more engaging.

The first two days are designed for all participants. This section of the programme would focus on kindling the scientific temper in us by following the TACLearn methodology. The TACLearn methodology has experience at its core, with the participant experiencing a phenomenon through a TACtivity. He/she then makes a set of observations by asking questions and conducting a few experiments. This is followed by making variations to the model or conducting the experiment by changing any one variable. This exercise of observation and exploration through the variations usually leads to some hypothesis for the underlying phenomenon. The participant then repeats the process by working on another TACtivity related to the same phenomenon and in the process, refines his/her hypothesis.

The next two days will focus on the process of making children ask questions and construct experiments for their hypothesis. This section of the programme is recommended for only those participants who show the readiness to partner with ISPF/ThinkTac in the outreach activity. While there are multiple partnership options, the partners mainly need to commit to execute at least 10 TACtivities with a minimum of 10 children in a period of 6 months after the training. The making guides and videos of all TACtivities are open source. For implementing the TACtivities with children, the partners may choose to seek ThinkTac support or access these open source guides and make required arrangements for materials on their own.

The Training Programme is free, but participants have to make their own arrangements for Board and Lodge if required.

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