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ISPF offers kinaesthetic learning programmes at partner schools with a range of materials and resources to create, experiment, tinker and innovate to inculcate a better understanding of scientific phenomena and improve cognitive life skills.

Our Foundation

ISPF is a non-profit trust focused on promoting Innovation and Science, especially amongst children, our primary focus is creating experience-based opportunities where science can be learnt hands-on with interactive experiences that inspire innovation.

Why Choose Us

Hands-on science is fun and engaging. Coupled with the unique way of introducing concepts and linkages to real life examples, Science ceases to be dull and boring.

The programme is mapped to the curriculum of a child covering difficult topics with hands-on activities and experiments.

The programme is owned and operated by the school and its teachers with ISPF providing support that is gradually weaned away.

Student ownership is ensured by providing individual material kits that include opportunities to explore further and innovate. This kit is provided annually, customised to the class curriculum.

Over 80% of all donations are applied to programme funding, traceable to individual teachers and students.

The design to ensure School and Child ownership, ISPF partnerships, Technology use and application of donations to specific programme funding allows rapid scaling.

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