Raman Club Finals


Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF) has started a new programme called Raman Clubs where the key objective is to promote innovation and develop scientific literacy through a structured programme. In the academic year 2022-23, ISPF started 43 Raman Clubs in government schools of Karnataka located in 5 different parts of Karnataka – Dharwad, Sringeri, Harihara, Harpanhalli and Bengaluru (Malleswaram). This project was funded by Synopsys India Pvt Ltd. Around 5000 children from grades 5 to 10 have benefited through these Raman Clubs. The pictures below give a glimpse of the activities which were carried out at the Raman Clubs.

Understanding gravitational potential energy using Roly Poly model, Grade 9, GHS K. Kallahalli
Testing charge on a body using electroscope, Grade 8, GMCG Dhulehole
Separating the mixture of salt, camphor and sand by the process of sublimation, filtration and evaporation, Grade 6, HPS Narendra
Measuring room temperature using thermometer, MPKGS Hebballi
Exploring reversible change using copper sulphate crystals, Grade 9, GHS Muttige
Plant life germination, Grade 5, GHPS Kotabagi
Producing NaOH on a small scale, DIY Base membrane, Grade 7, GHPS Kurubagatti
Calculating density of an iron nail using weighing scale and volume beaker, GHPS Kurubagatti
Measuring heart beat using DIY Stethoscope, Grade 7, GHPS Gutturu
Understanding the concept of float and sink using cartesian diver, Grade 6, GHPS Nigadi
Measuring room temperature using thermometer, MPKGS Hebballi
Calculating density of an iron nail using weighing scale and volume beaker, GHPS Kurubagatti

Raman Club Finals

After two levels of screening, 50 children have been selected for a face to face finals on the National Science Day, 28th Feb 2023. This event is being clubbed with 'Open Day' being hosted by the Raman Research Institute (founded by Sir C. V. Raman). With the national science day celebrated in memory of the discovery of The Raman Effect by Sir C. V. Raman, we can't have a better venue and better day for the Raman Clubs Finals. As part of the Open Day, RRI will be exhibiting their research work and also setting up multiple stalls exhibiting the wonders of science.


Raman Research Institute (RRI),

C.V. Raman Avenue, 5th Cross Road,

Sadashivanagar, Near Mekhri Circle, 

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560080


The students will be arriving at the venue at 9:30 am and the whole day will be filled with action especially with the Open Day at RRI. Guests can join us at 3 pm (or earlier depending on your interest and availability). The event’s schedule is given below.

9:30AM to 10:00AMStudent Registration
10:00AM to 12:00AMExhibition by students
12:00PM to 12:30PMLunch
12:30PM to 2:30PMContest (closed room with students & ISPF facilitators)
2:30PM to 4:30PMJudging & exhibition by students for visitors
3:00PM to 4:30PMPresentation on Raman Clubs Ecosystem for guest schools
4:30PM to 6:00PMAward Ceremony